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What Tutor11 Offers

One-Click to Connect with a Tutor

You simply type in your location and a specific subject to instantly get connected with a wide selection of tutors located right near you, each available to organize your one-on-one tutoring session.

The Right Tutor at the Right Time

Every student has unique tutoring needs. This is why Tutor11 offers three packages that will never expire, and will never limit you to one tutor or a single subject. Tutor11 promises the same price for every subject.

Accountability Matters

Tutor11 prides ourselves on only having excellent tutors; help us keep it that way. Rate your experience after each session and view a tutor's rating before sending your next equest.

One Website to Rule them All

Whether you need a tutor at home or on-the-go, Tutor11's dynamic website works perfectly on any device, from your P.C. to your smartphone and everything in between. Plus, conveniently and securely order a package right on the Tutor11 website.

Transparent Record Keeping

On Tutor11's dynamic website, you can track your sessions, the amounts of hours remaining in your package and the tutors you've connected with. If you love a tutor (we know you will), rehire them with one-click.

Tutoring without Hours

Tutor11 doesn't have hours of operation. Whenever you need a tutor, Tutor11 will help you connect with one, no matter the subject or the time. Yes, even the night before the final exam.

Tutoring in 4 Easy Steps

Sign up

No credit card, or even payment, required for you to create your free account. With your account, you can take your time to explore and familiarize yourself to our website, App and tutoring portal.

Pcik the right Tutoring Package

Once your ready, pick one (1) of three (3) packages that is right for you. Don’t have a credit card? Don’t sweat. We accept multiple secure payment methods, like PayPal and all major credit cards.

Find Your Tutor

Using GPS technology we connect you to multiple tutors located around you. Don’t settle for just one; select multiple tutors to increase your odds of faster finding the right tutor.

Start learning

You book directly with your tutor to find the best time and location to meet. After your session, rate your experience and read your session evaluation; an overview of the session and what the student learned.

Tutoring Package Pricing

$ 40 / Hour


5 Hours Package

  • One Student
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Multiple Tutors
  • Does Not Expire
$ 35 / Hour


10 Hours Package

  • Up to 3 Students
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Multiple Tutors
  • Does Not Expire
$ 30 / Hour


20 Hours Package

  • Multiple Students
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Multiple Tutors
  • Does Not Expire